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Illustrative Logo
Grizzly Bear Lawncare

Logo Type
Farris Construction

Illustrative Logo
Specialty Water Gardens

T-shirt Design
Mother/Daughter Day

Cyclone Mascot
Jefferson Junior High School

Illustrative Logo
The Blue Note

Illustrative Logo
Jake Builders

llustrative Logo
Forge & Vine

Lola's Ruin

Broil Restaurant and Bar

Simply put, your logo is an additional way to communicate your qualities to your clients.

Your logo should uniquely illlustrate and identify who your company is and what they do. It also must be easily reproducable in a variety of media (cards, t-shirts, pencils, those little letter openers you'll give away at trade shows).

Types of Logos:

These logos use simple colors and shapes that can stand alone or with text. Minimization is the key.

Using an illustration is often the most expressive and expensive way to identify your company. The design must be clean and simple enough to reproduce, but elaborate enough to set it apart from clipart.

Such logos are simple, easily reproducable, but can still be very difficult because there is only a limited number of tricks the designer can use and still achieve a readable logotype.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your process?
We begin with questions about you; your business, your clients, your goals. Armed with a good understanding of how the logo will function, we'll create some preliminary sketches from which we'll choose a direction. That direction will be refined through more sketches into a fully developed design.
From beginning to end, you'll work directly with your designer, not customer service or an account rep. (We don't have those departments anyway).

How do I know if we're a good match with Diggit's designers?
Look at our portfolio full of various projects we've completed. We work with great clients that understand the importance of design and the value of talented designers. Clients like that are hard to find; so when we find them, we treat them well.

Can't we just do this by the hour?
Every project has a definite beginning, middle, and end. Hourly projects tend to frustrate both the client and the designer when "just one more change" is requested again and again. A logo never seems to reach a resolution, and a project can end without either party being pleased.

Can I just come in and tell you how I want it done?
Our designers are highly educated in design and technology. By the time you view early designs from Diggit, we will have already tried countless variations with your design, having moved text left, right, and so on. Your design will best be achieved by letting our designers put their training to use.

What if I don't like the first sketches? I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings...
Our designers don't fall in love with their designs, and they don't take things personally. Honest feedback is what is required to successfully complete any project.

Custom Web Stores

End the Chase! Pay online!

Let Diggit Graphics collect the money for your apparel or goods online with a custom web store! Everyone in your organization can pay online individually!

How does it works?

1) We design the shirts, jackets, hats, whatever.
You'll work directly with one of our graphic designers. Pick out the gear you want with the design you want. We create a web store just for you and your group.




2) Everyone orders their shirts online at DiggitGraphics.com.
You email the link of the store to everyone in you group. Instead of chasing people down for a check, they pay by credit card at an online store made just for your organization.




3) Pick up your bulk order at Diggit.
Your product will be made and we will call your group organizer when they are ready for pick up. Man, that was easy!




Frequently Asked Questions

Can individuals in my organization pay Diggit with a check?
No. We cannot accept checks from multiple people.

Can I still pay for the whole order with a check?
Yes, but we cannot accept checks from multiple people. Payment will still need to be a single check for the order.

How late can we order before the due date?
Up to seven working days before the order individuals can order their apparel. After that, the order is finalized.

Can I get a list of who ordered?
Yes, we'll give you an Excel Spreadsheet listing who ordered what.

How much does it cost?
Get a quote online from Diggit!