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Grizzly Bear Lawncare

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Farris Construction

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Specialty Water Gardens

T-shirt Design
Mother/Daughter Day

Cyclone Mascot
Jefferson Junior High School

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The Blue Note

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Jake Builders

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Forge & Vine

Lola's Ruin

Broil Restaurant and Bar

Custom Web Stores

End the Chase! Pay online!

Let Diggit Graphics collect the money for your apparel or goods online with a custom web store! Everyone in your organization can pay online individually!

How does it works?

1) We design the shirts, jackets, hats, whatever.
You'll work directly with one of our graphic designers. Pick out the gear you want with the design you want. We create a web store just for you and your group.




2) Everyone orders their shirts online at DiggitGraphics.com.
You email the link of the store to everyone in you group. Instead of chasing people down for a check, they pay by credit card at an online store made just for your organization.




3) Pick up your bulk order at Diggit.
Your product will be made and we will call your group organizer when they are ready for pick up. Man, that was easy!




Frequently Asked Questions

Can individuals in my organization pay Diggit with a check?
No. We cannot accept checks from multiple people.

Can I still pay for the whole order with a check?
Yes, but we cannot accept checks from multiple people. Payment will still need to be a single check for the order.

How late can we order before the due date?
Up to seven working days before the order individuals can order their apparel. After that, the order is finalized.

Can I get a list of who ordered?
Yes, we'll give you an Excel Spreadsheet listing who ordered what.

How much does it cost?
Get a quote online from Diggit!